09 April 2021
Advice regarding Damaged Wing Syndrome

I'm just beginning to realise that this spring could be one of those springs that brings about a big increase in damaged wing syndrome. The emergence of this condition is due to cold snaps like the one we are now experiencing where the colonies are not strong enough to properly cover the brood for warmth, and as the last parts of the bee to develop are its wings and these are easily damaged by the cold.

Damaged wing syndrome can also be caused by varroa and when a beekeeper with modest knowledge sees this could immediately panic and treat for varroa.

An expert from the SBA years ago caused chaos by telling some novices to treat for for varroa as D.W.S was caused by varroa and treatment should be made immediately totally ignoring the main factor.

The beekeeper on seeing this syndrome should put a varroa insert in the hive and check the varroa drop count after 5 days. If the count is low  just let the bees carry on and they will, after a while, sort things out. The affected bees will in no doubt just carry on doing household chores until they die.

Hope that this is of use for you to use. Kindest regards and stay safe. Arthur

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