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Ann Chilcott's Blog website usually contains interesting material. Well worth exploring.

Why Bees and Pollination are so important.

An interesting link recommended by a family who found our website useful to them in this timw of COVID-19 crisis. This is the link and this link is to the content of their email. 

18 varieties of honey and how to enjoy them.

This link has been suggested by school pupils in America who had found our web site to be useful in their studies.

To see the Thornes catalogue click here.

A homeowner's guide to bee identification

This link will take you to a page that will be of interest to beginners. 

New website link to the American "A Guide to Bringing Up Bees in Your Own Backyard".

This link will take you to the site. You will need to confirm that you are not a robot :-)

HACCP plan for the production of honey

This link will take you to the above document. Courtesy of Shires Vineyard and Apiary October 2012.

"Guidance for honey packers"

This link will take you to the document produced by Highland Council Environmental Health

National Honey Monitoring scheme

This link will take you to the website of the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology giving details of their Honey Monitoring Scheme.

"At the hive entrance" Hans Storch

This book is available on-line here

Local supplier of labels

Speedprint, Unit 3, Lotland Place, Inverness is highly recommended. Can be contacted through www.speedprintdigital.co.uk and the email address is info@speedprintdigital.co.uk  .

North Area Representative SBA

The email address for Heather Maclaren is northrep@scottishbeekeepers.org.uk

September 2016 Bee Connected

This link will take you to a website run by the Voluntary Initiative supported by the Crop Protection Association. Bee Connected aims to help the communication between beekeepers and farmers.

August 2015  The Moray Beekeepers

This link will take you to the Moray Beekeeping Dinosaurs web site - perhaps the website will explain the name!

Graeme Sharpe

Graeme can be contacted by email at graeme.sharpe@sac.ac.uk

Varroa treatment calculator

Click on this link which will take you to the BeeBase website home page.  In the list under "Contents" click on "Bee Pests, Diseases & Maps" and click on "Varroa Calculator".  It seems fairly straightforward to use.

Beeproof suits

Bee Proof Suits
Online retailer of beekeeper's clothing. Bee Proof Suits range includes full protective bee suits and separate jackets and trousers. All orders delivered free.

Inverness Beekeepers Association

The website for the Inverness Beekeepers' Association can be accessed from here.

Varroa mapping survey

Click on this link to reach the SBA varroa mapping survey page.

Video of bee cleaning itself

Follow this link to the video.

FERA - BeeBase web site

Follow this link to access to BeeBase which is the National Bee Unit website.

Stunning photos

Follow this link to see some stunning photos.

Crop Protection Association

The CPA have a useful website which is publicising a booklet "Bee Safe Bee Careful". It is primarily aimed at farmers and crop sprayers and can be accessed on-line by clicking on the cover of the booklet.

Honey recipe website

The following website is under development and is concentrating solely on honey recipes;

Easter Ross Beekeepers' Association


British Beekeepers' Association BBKA

A very interesting site, especially the "Support Boards"

BeeCraft Journal

Award winning beekeeping magazine www.bee-craft.com
Official newsletter of the BBKA
To subscribe to this journal visit www.bee-craft.com/shop
Click on "Journal Subscriptions"

Scottish Beekeepers' Association


Beedata website


This website is made by beekeepers for beekeepers and has the latest University Bee Research and has a bi-monthly E-Research Newsletter that is State of the Art and free to subscribers that is compiled by a global 6 person beekeeping publishing team in the UK, Ireland, USA and New Zealand (two are professors). Beedata can supply any Apiarist's needs with a whole library of Books from Northern Bee Books.


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