Further advice on acquiring bees

Appendage to acquiring bees

The D&DBKA has always held the belief that the best way to acquire bees is locally,  that is to say the Highlands and recent developments in Scotland regarding disease has fully endorsed this approach.

The areas of South Aberdeenshire, Angus, Perth and Kinross have substantial numbers of apiaries with European Foul Brood (EFB). Also further south Dumfries & Galloway are affected. This is a notifiable disease and at one time in Scotland carried a destruction order, (and the writer still believes that should still be in place).

This explosion of EFB has been aided by the importation of bees from countries such as Spain. Scandinavia has experienced an increase after receiving some imports from Spain. Whilst inspection of imports of bees are being rigorously executed the odd package may just manage to sneak through however there is concern about bees being imported covertly thus adding to the problem.

With this in mind any potential beekeeper should join an Association and take advice from one of its seasoned members. This is not just for beginners or would be beekeepers but a strong warning to all of the beekeeping fraternity in the Highlands.

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